Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Tool Update & Vehicle Maintenance Tip

The multifunction tool (oscillating saw) I mentioned in my previous post is now on sale at Harbor Freight when you use the coupon from the sales ad in Sunday's newspaper.Now is the perfect time to test drive this tool. We have not had the chance to use our tool yet. This past week was filed with doctor appointments, rain, Taste of Home cooking school, plus R has been busy helping G with a daily driver project.

While you are at Harbor Freight you might as well use that 20% coupon to buy some sanding pads or additional saw blades for your new tool. Of course don't forget to use the coupon for the free flash light. I know these go fast so don't dilly dally if you are going to get in on this deal.
Also on the next page of the sales ad is a coupon for a heat gun for $8.99. I bought this same heat gun at Harbor Freight last week for $7.99 using a coupon. The way I see it is that you can never have too many heat guns. I am forever dropping them off ladders. Plus, I really liked the feel of this heat gun. It was lightweight but still had sufficient power. I also own an expensive Milwaukee brand heat gun and it is far too heavy to use for more than 10 minutes.
I DID use a coupon for 25% off at my local consignment shop, even though I didn't use a coupon to buy my oscillating saw. While running errands the other day I decided to stop in at Second Act Consignment in downtown Grand Blanc.

This lovely black wooden tray called my name.Unfortunately, in my haste to use my coupon and score a good deal...I locked my keys in my car. I was so embarrassed. The local Grand Blanc police used a jimmy to unlock my door and I was soon on my way......on my way to my local Ace Hardware to get a spare key to put in my wallet.

Which reminds me......if you use your car door lock remote exclusively and never use your key the lock may freeze up. This especially happens to the driver's door in vehicles driven in colder climates. The driver's side door is subjected to extra salt and road debris during the winter months whenever you pass oncoming traffic. Think about all the slush that hits your door when you pass oncoming traffic when the roads are slush covered (which is 50% of the winter here in Michigan).

Make sure you spray a lock lubricant into the lock. Or spray your key with WD 40 or a 3 in 1 oil and then insert the key into the door lock. Lock and unlock the door several times and repeat the spraying of the key several times. Remember to do all your locks. Harbor Freight might have spray lubricants and you could use your 20% off coupon.

My 2003 Tracker driver side door lock is froze but the vehicle has 300k miles on it so I am not surprised. My rear entry door lock to the cargo area is still functional and will allow me access if I my remote did not work.


  1. harbor freight sells a good chop saw and some other select items. the sawzall and powerdrill were crap and ended up costing more than a used brand name item.

  2. If I know I am going to use a tool once or twice then I go with a less expensive version.

    But I have found the Chicago brand to be quite good. Before I retired, I used hand tools every day. One of my fav was a Harbor Freight small pneumatic 3/8" drive air gun. Very light and it was the exact replica of a Rand Ingersol that was over $200 and my little Chicago brand was like $29.99.

    We also have the chop saw. I think we paid 99 bucks for it on sale and we bought my son one at the same time. No problems with either one and we have cut a lot of thick wide boards with them.

    Harbor Freight also sells an aluminum floor jack that is great. Both my son and husband use them at the race track and they take a beating. No problem with either one.


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