Thursday, June 18, 2015

Front Door Done for Now

I was able to finish the threshold painting about two hours before it started raining.....yet again.  I sure hope that the fact that we have a rain barrel isn't the reason that it's been raining because we have 6 more barrels.......eek!  May have to put 'Build an Ark' on the to do list.  R still needs to rebuild the door handle/lock set and we also need to install the new V bronze weatherstripping. But first I need to buy a large box of band aids before we install the weatherstripping.  If we get through that project without one of us bleeding profusely.....I will be totally surprised.
The new cast iron door mat.
The grass is finally filling in in front of the dining room windows.  This was the area where we brought in dirt from behind the garden shed to fill in this low spot and lower the high spot by the shed.  Sometimes I think that all we do is move dirt from here to there and there to here.
We removed the shrubs and planted perennial flowers so that we can get to the windows to clean them.  The flowering shrubs were beautiful but we couldn't get to the windows and the area was too low anyways.  The sedums (Autumn Joy) will give us fall color, the Russian Sage will add some lovely blue/purple color in July/August, and finally the pink cone flowers will give us a summer full of tall sturdy pink flowers.  The best part was that I only had to buy the 3 Russian Sages which were 75% off.  The rest of the flowers were freebies from my yard.
I moved the wrought iron chair (curbside treasure) from the garden shed to the porch.  I needed something there until I find the perfect something (I'll know it when I see it).
Thursday is an appointment day for both of us.  We both have dentist appointments (different dentists) and I also have a doctor's appointment so I can see that we will get very little accomplished on Thursday.  We need to mow AGAIN!  I swear I can hear the grass growing.  Speaking of growing, we already have banana peppers that will be ready to pick next week.  Our tomato plants are covered in small maters and flowers BUT the dang wabbits keep eating my lettuce plants.