Saturday, June 6, 2015

New House Numbers

We really did not need these house numbers above the door but when I saw them last year I just had to have them.  I found them on Etsy while searching for vintage house numbers.  I wanted forged iron numbers with a hammered finish but these cast iron numbers came up in the search.

The seller was sold out of the 1's so I had to wait 6 months before they became available.  The casting was rough so I needed to use my pencil air grinder to remove the excess flash and to smooth the seams before I repainted them in a satin black.  True vintage cast iron will never have visible seams, grind marks, and excess flash.  Vintage cast iron items are usually works of art considering the processes available back when they were cast.

Each number is held in place with a small tapered head wood screw.  So 4 screws, easy peasey, right? Wrong.  Determining the spacing between odd shaped numbers is difficult.  I first found the center of the top of the door and marked that spot with a piece of blue painter's tape marked with an X on the center point.

The first number that I installed was the second 9.  I eyed what I thought looked like nice spacing. You know...not too close and not too far apart....but just right.  I then made sure I had exactly the same amount of space above and below the number.  At that point, I used the nail punch to make my indent in the wood so I could start the screw.  Because I used the nail punch and these were wood screws the screw went right in without any fight.

The next number was the first 1.  I measures the same distance from the center mark as the 9 and made sure that the top and bottom spacing was correct.  I then asked R what he thought.  He didn't like it.  The 9's and the 1's are different widths.  The 9's are wider.

So I climbed down off the ladder and looked for myself while R held the number in place.  I agreed it looked wrong.  R moved the number to where he thought it looked good and I agreed.  We now had the two center numbers installed and it only took 45 minutes.  Thank heavens the next two numbers went faster because we could just measure the distance we the already installed 9 and 1 to get the spacing for the other 9 and 1.

When all was said and done I measured the space on the left side and the right side of the house numbers and I was shocked that there was only 3/32nds of an inch difference.  My husband always says "close enough for the girls I date." when something is good enough and I agree.  BTW if you are wondering, the window is not centered on the door.  Our guess is that an adjustment was made to the width of the door and they took it all off one side.  We never noticed it until now so we are not going to dwell on it.  We have bigger fish to fry.
Speaking of goofy things R says.  I like to make lists.  He is an early riser and I sleep late because I am up late (making lists...just really).  I always put more to do's on my list than I think I or we can accomplish and then just transfer the undone items to the next day's list.

Lately I have been leaving the list out for R in the morning.  He says "it's not fair because it is like you're awake when you are still sleeping."  LOL That's the plan,

I also planted 6 buttercrunch and 6 Romaine lettuce plants and with that, the garden is officially completely planted.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about installing the diverter for the rain barrel.  I need to let my blood pressure go back down first.