Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cast Iron Umbrella Stand Part 2 and the Next Project

Today I was able to spray two coats of the navy blue paint on the top of the cast iron base AND we love it.

If the weather cooperates on Saturday I might just spray one more coat on the top.  The weather forecast is for rain but who knows what it will do.

I still need to buy the bright yellow for the lettering and also spray the umbrella pole and the finial on the top of the umbrella.  Black in a satin finish will match the umbrella and not clash with the cast iron base.

In between mowing the front and back yards today we started the next project.

A 1890's cast iron garden chair.  The details are really starting to show but the blasting is going slow because the paint is thick and hard, especially those first original coats of paint.  It looks like the original color was emerald green and then it was coat after coat after coat of white.

This chair will not need any repair work.  We are going to try and salvage the original fasteners. Fingers crossed that they do not snap off.  Once R gets the paint off the fasteners we will apply a lubricant that helps dissolve the rust on the threads and this might allow us to remove them without snapping them off.

On the garden front, we have harvested our first two banana peppers.  Looks like the mulberries and wild black raspberries will be ripe in the next week or two.  Jamming!!!!