Monday, June 15, 2015

Front Door Update

Rain makes painting impossible but it makes pulling weeds a lot easier.  My fingers and fingernails look horrible.  Thanks to no shortage of weeds, I still have more to pull.  Tuesday looks like the first day that we will be able to paint again.

I was able to get one coat of paint on the threshold before it started raining.  The concrete threshold was painted when we purchased our house and it's only been this one color so we stuck with that color and was able to match it perfectly.
 The before photo shows how most of the paint was missing from the top surface.
This photo shows the first coat of threshold paint.  I also need to use my flat artist brush to cut in next to the white paint.  That will require some weird yoga position to pull that bit of painting off without getting red paint on the white paint.

You can also see the blue painter tape is missing in the second photo.  R spent the last two weeks working on patching the concrete where the porch meets the shingles.  Over the years it looks like some chunks of concrete broke away and left a low spot next to the house where rain water would flow and ultimately get into the basement.  R added the PVC trim piece before we installed the new cedar shingles. Now with the concrete replaced and slightly raised higher at the house, we no longer have rain getting into the basement.  Yippee!

It will take a year or two for the concrete patch to lighten up but we I'd rather have a dry basement.

I located the cast iron door mat.  Believe it or not, it was right where I put it.....LOL  I've already spray painted it a satin black because it came as a rusty brown.  Details details details.