Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Enhancing the Decorative Vent

I've mention the decorative vent that is located at the top of the south side wall and on both ends of the garden shed.  It's a cute detail but it needed pumping up a little so we dug into the scrap wood pile and added a 1X4 behind the support bracket and a 1X2 to the edge of the perimeter of the vent, kind of like a frame.

Here is a before's kind of lost.  Of course it would look better painted white with dark grey shingles but it doesn't stand out.

But it looks much better like this.......

Today we worked on re installing the gutters and tomorrow we will finish up with the downspouts. Quitting time comes around quickly when it gets dark by 6-630PM.
The window guy was here today to take measurements.  It will be several days before we receive the estimate and drawings.  I really cannot wait much longer to get this out of the way.  It is holding us up on the shingles, painting the exterior, and painting the interior of the family room.  Plus, I absolutely cannot stand to look at those ugly windows any longer.