Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ladder Accessories for the New Ladder

I've been MIA this last week because I've been sick.  The sinus infection won and today is the first time since Monday that I have felt well enough to do anything.  So while I laid in bed with a throbbing head, R was busy cutting up the rest of the tree trunk and large logs. Hopefully this week, ALL the people who said they wanted wood, will actually come and get it.

While I was bedridden for 5 days, I made some observations and lists...lots of lists.

1. There is absolutely nothing new to watch that is worth giving up time to watch.  I basically watch the same reruns over and over.  #thankgod4bigbang

2. If you watch enough cable news you will at the very least pull all your hair out.  None of them can stick to just the facts.  Speaking of facts....those are optional.

3. I tried watching some of the new shows but I guess my funny bone was affected by my sinus infection.  Two Broke Girls.....not funny and really not original.  It's a 2015 LaVerne and Shirley.

4.  The Grinder with Rob Lowe.  That's a keeper.

5.  Thank heaven for SimplyJune.  If you can't wait until January to watch Downton Abby, watch now after it airs in the UK.  They update late Sunday or early Monday.

6.  R brought home 3 months worth of new releases pamphlets from the movie rental place.  I found one movie.

7. If you put on new nail polish on Monday and then get sick, your polish will still look good on Friday.

I made lists of things we need to do before winter, a list of things to do this winter, and a list of jobs that will need to be hired out.

Called a wood window business and they have yet to call me back.  The flagpole people showed up when we weren't home but yesterday sent me an estimate for a new flagpole nothing like what we have and then another estimate for our flagpole that is almost exactly the opposite of what I asked for when I called them originally.  First of all, I spelled my name but yet it was spelled wrong.  I said I did not want the flagpole painted but yet there is a charge for $250 for painting the flagpole.  Then a $125.00 charge for a brass ball when our flagpole has a brass ball already.  When I called I made sure to give her all the info including my email address so that I could cover all my bases but it was like it went in one ear and out the other.  This is exactly why we do everything ourselves.  It just isn't worth the hassle to deal with businesses who can't get their #$%^ together.  But of course they are the first to say the economy is screwed up and the little guy just can't get ahead.  Nope.  Some people just should not be in business. #offmysoapbox

On Monday we picked up the ladder booties and stabilizing bar.  We've installed the rubber booties and assembled the stabilizing bar but haven't attached it to the ladder yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

The rubber booties were fairly inexpensive at $8.98 for a pair.  These will protect your siding or shingles from scratches that the ladder could leave behind.  The ladder covers just slide over the ends of the extension ladder.  Easy peasey.  My father always used old tube socks and duct tape to hold them in place but for the money I think this is a better way to go.  More protection and they won't wear out like the tube socks.
The Quick Click Ladder Stabilizer required a little assembly but nothing difficult.  This was the more expensive stabilizer but we liked the quick click option because we can quickly move it to the other ladder without any tools.  It's cost was $42.76.  Both items were manufactured by the ladder company Werner.

Of course there was no shipping because we did in store pick up and we used Ebates for a rebate of an additional 1%.  
I'll let you know how they perform after we use them.