Sunday, October 11, 2015

Newest Gallon of Paint Doesn't Match

Yesterday I painted the short wall where the gas meter is located.  I opened a new can of paint, stirred for a long time to make sure it was mixed well and then started painting.  I immediately thought it looked light and a a little on the blue side but I know paint dries darker so I thought I would give it time.

I know that grey can look different under different levels of light so I waited until mid day under full sun before I looked at it.  It is different.  There's no warm tone in this particular gallon of paint.  It's very obvious although the photo doesn't really show it.  I asked R to come and look at the paint.  I didn't say why I wanted him to look at it, but even before we got to the front of the house he said "the paint doesn't match".  If he can see it, then it is really obvious.

So I am glad that I caught it now before I painted the next wall.  I guess I am going to have to go back and tell them it doesn't match and get another gallon.  I've never had this problem before and now I am going to be paranoid every time I open a new can.

Since I couldn't paint today, I shoveled hard clay.  The south side of the barn has hard clay next to the foundation.  I am sure it was from when the dug the new foundation when they moved the old barn to this new location.  The clay is so bad you can only grow weeds in it and I want to plant tall phlox. So the clay has to go.  

I have almost all of the clay dirt removed, maybe 3 more wheelbarrows.  Then I'll fill with new top soil and maybe amend it a little with peat moss and composted manure.  Anything has to be better than hard clay.  I'm sure it will grow wonderfully big dandelions.