Sunday, October 18, 2015

So Much Fruit

When it comes to fruit, our trees are either over producers or slackers.  This year they were over achievers and we have so much fruit it is unreal.

I trimmed and thinned the apple and pear trees right after they blossomed in the spring.  But I think because we had so much rain all during the summer we didn't lose any fruit at all.  The apples have never been so large.  The pear tree broke a large limb because it has so many pears on it.

The apple tree that I thought was a Granny Smith turns out to be a Yellow Delicious.  This tree has never really produced anything in the past.  What little fruit it would get, usually dropped before it matured so I never really got a chance to taste or look at the end result.

When I purchased all the apple trees 8 years ago, I know I purchased both a Granny Smith and a Yellow Delicious.  We lost several trees and I thought the Yellow Delicious was one of them.  I guess not.  The tree is loaded with fruit this year and not only does it taste like a Yellow Delicious but they look like a Yellow Delicious and nothing like a Granny Smith.

Tomorrow we are going to pick all the fruit that is left on all of the trees.  There are a lot of apples that have fallen on the ground.  We will probably just pick those up and throw them in the field for the deer and other critters to eat.

Now I have to think of ways to use all these apples and pears.  R likes the pear and custard pie that I have baked in the past.  I like crock pot apple sauce and who doesn't love a mile high apple pie?