Friday, December 11, 2015

Bows and Blowing Wind

Today was another grey day, it would have been a great grey day had we not had 30 mph winds.  It's 216AM and it's still 50 degrees outside. Holy cow!!!!  This time last year we were hip high in the snow department.

I was trying to make a bow today but the wind would blow my spool of ribbon off the table and unwind the entire 9 yards.  After one bow I moved on to something frustration level was highly elevated at that point, so for me it is best to just walk away and do something else.

So I decided to hang one of the medium wreaths on my middle dining room window.  Remember how I said that I bought extra suction cups because after several years they get hard and no longer work? That happened today but not before the wreath fell down to the ground 4 times.  So it's a little rough around the edges now but nothing that the 30 mph winds can't make worse...LOL

After the suction cup debacle I decided that my bow frustration had subsided some so I attached the bow to the small wreath on the front door.  The bow is made with three different ribbons. A sheer wide black ribbon, a black and white gingham print ribbon, and a black and white print ribbon. I know you are thinking...."black and white?  How festive...NOT"  My reasoning is that I do not want Christmas/Holiday decorations but more like seasonal/winter decorations.  After January 1st, I feel like red and green scream holiday and should really be removed.  Since I want my decorations to remain all winter they need to work with the style and color scheme of my home rather than a predetermined commerical color scheme.
I moved on to the big wreath after attaching the bow to the small door wreath.  This wreath does not get a bow and instead gets a large wooden monogram snowflake painted white.  Morrie the cat was not happy with the wind and was the first one through the door when it was time to go inside.
R found some additional evergreen cuttings and I have three wreath frames left so I am going to try and make a few more wreaths tomorrow after I take care of some appointments and errands in the morninng and early afternoon.  R cleared out the back of his pick up truck so he can take a load of metal scrap to the scrapper next week.  He has been busy cleaning out the barn.  There is years and years of racing parts and sheet metal and STUFF.  We really need the room in the barn to store the mowers and lawn tractor. He's made quite a dent in the stacks of stuff but there is enough stuff to last him until summer or longer.

I also needed the pick up truck bed emptied because I need to run out to the boonies to my girlfriend's house and pick up some items that I won at auction.  She lives near a auction house that has online auctions.  She bids for me and then picks up my stuff.  I can't wait to see the stuff in person.  One of the items is a large vintage wrought iron arbor.  I have no idea where we will put it but it was just too cool to pass up.

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