Friday, December 11, 2015

WooHoo Warm Winter Weather and Wreaths

I would be a very happy girl if winters were like today.  Mid 50's and sunny with just enough of a breeze to remind you that it is winter and not spring.  Perfect.

I assembled one more wreath and made bows for the remaining bowless wreaths.  My bows were not the best this year because by the time I decided on colors etc., I didn't have enough time to track down those ribbons in two sided wire ribbon.  Only the sheer black ribbon has wire edges and because of that my bows are not holding their shape in the wind.  But I like the combination of ribbons so now it is just a matter of tracking down those ribbons with wire.

Cost break down

Evergreen cuttings.  Shopped the yard.  FREE
1 paddle of wire.  $1.99 Michaels Left over from last year.
5 wreath frames.  Misc prices but bought over the years and reused. Range $2.99-$5.99
Ribbons of your choice.  I spent $22.00 but had I shopped early and use coupons I could have probably saved 50%

I've been pricing wreaths to get an idea of how much I have saved but since I can't find exact versions of mine I'll guesstimate.  Small wreath (1) $15.00. Medium wreath (3) $25.00 each. Huge Wreath (1) $50.00=$140.00  Plus, I used the left over cuttings for my window box and large pot.

Tomorrow we want to get some exterior barn work done.  Our plan was to do it in the spring but the weather is just too good to not get out there and cross it off our list ahead of time.