Monday, December 7, 2015

The Beginning of my Holiday Wreaths

Today was a beautiful day.  Mid 40's and sunny.  Wow...I can't believe how much work I could get down outside if our winters were like this every year.  I know that this won't last so I am making the most of it.

I really didn't want to buy a whole tree just to cut it up so I walked around the yard and before I knew it I had multiple piles of evergreen cuttings.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get 4 wreaths made using these cuttings.
I like a variety of evergreens and I was surprised when afterwards I realized that I had quite the variety of evergreens growing in my own yard.  Funny how you overlook what is right before your eyes.
First I cut some yews.  Some even had red berries on them.  When I started cutting I thought that all I had was yews but as I was taking my clippings to the picnic table I walked by these....
....cedar trees.  So I cut some which was great because they were starting to hang too low.  Then I noticed this....
....pine.  This tree was heavily damaged during the ice storm of 2013.  It was in rough shape when we bought the house but R spent a lot of time cutting out the dead branches and it appeared to get better...until the ice storm.  Then I realized that I had two other evergreens growing right next to it.
Yup, two large spruces that had low hanging branches that needed a trimming.  So I trimmed away.

That gave me 4 kinds of evergreens but then I remembered that I had junipers growing at the Torrey Rd house.  So off I went to cut a pile of juniper cuttings.  I love the blue color and these even had a lot of blue berries on them.  By the time I finished cutting it was dark so I didn't get a photo but then I realized I had another evergreen growing back at The Gear.

I also have two huge Norway spruce trees and they hang really low so I should be able to get some cuttings off of those two trees.  This should give my wreaths a nice variety of greens. I'll have a nice variety of both colors and textures.  #Ifeelsorry4mymanicure