Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sunny, Shingles, and Sandhill Crane

What a beautiful day.  It was 73 degrees and sunny.  Perfect weather to work outside and if we didn't still have huge mounds of snow here and there, I would have sworn it was spring.
We started our day by stopping by Home Depot to buy two more bundles of shingles.  So far these bundles had better quality control and only about every third one needed to be slightly trimmed.
R it's time for a haircut...LOL
I tried to multi task by giving R a shingle and then running to the front of the house and remove some of the evergreens in the window box and then back to hand R another shingle.  The evergreens usually stay in the window box until after St. Patrick's Day but they were ready to be thrown on the burn pile. I think it had to do with all the warm weather we had this winter.  My wreaths came down three days ago because they were looking more brown than green.

About mid afternoon I heard a familiar loud noise coming from the pond.  Sure enough after a minute or so I found what I was looking for....a sandhill crane.  He or she really blends into the tall grass.  If you can't find the sandhill crane just look in the center of the photo.
 Here is a blurry upclose photo.  Love that large red spot.