Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunny Sunday Shingling and Shingle Moulding

Today was very productive inspite of the cold temps.  It's amazing how cold temps are more bearable when it is sunny.
R continued to shingle the southside of the house.  He is finally at a height where we will have to haul out the tall ladder.  It is great that we are making progress but a bummer that we have to use the tall ladder because it is so cumbersome and requires two people to move or extend it.
I waited until the sun was fully on the west side and then finished painting the grey above the new windows.  Once the paint was dry we re installed the solid vinyl shingle moulding.  

Tomorrow I will start priming the new window boxes.  I really dislike priming.  I think it is because it doesn't look nice and it's runny.  But it is a necessary evil.  I used two cots of primer on the old window boxes and they are still looking good so I am going to stick to what has worked in the past. No need to reinvent the they say.

As always they are predicting bad weather for Wednesday and Thursday BUT they (as in weather forecasters) haven't been correct much of the time lately.  But in spite of of their lack of accurracy we are still going to try and get the remaining shingles installed by Wednesday.  It will be a stretch but it is our goal.

Last night we went to the final hockey game of the season.  Flint has really embraced this new team and they set a new season high attendance record.  They even sold standing room only tickets. Unfortunately they lost, but they fought hard.

The Firebirds did win the I-75 Divide Cup against the Saginaw Spirits this year. YEA!!!!!!!