Saturday, September 17, 2016

Another Window Installed

Another rotted non original window bites the dust.  This window was rotted on the bottom and the sill was like Styrofoam.  I'm always amazed that the original windows in the house are just fine except for the million layers of paint BUT yet these 1960/1970's windows are completely destroyed and no longer have any life left in them.

Here is the before window in all it's ugliness.
Even the gaping hole looks better than the old window.
And here is the new 'old style' window.
I purchased this wood trash bin at a consignment shop for 8 bucks.
A little sanding and grey paint and I will have a place to stash my outdoor furniture covers.
 In painting news....I was finally able to get the corner shingles primed now that there is only one window left to install.  We also have a change of plans with the windows.  We decided to install this last window in the wall that it is leaning against and then order one additional window to go where the last ugly casement window is located on the east wall of the gameroom. You can see that last window in the photo of the empty window opening.
It will take R several days to move the vintage door collection and his 5 upright video games.  Those are pain to move but it will be worth it.  This is the south side of the house so a window should let in a lot of sunlight.  Plus it feeds my need to make everything symmetrical and balanced.  A window on this wall will mean that there will be the same size window on each side of the french doors.  
 The pond was busy today with the migrating birds flocking and gathering and readying themselves for departure in the next month or so.  Some birds will stay until the water is frozen over, while others get out of Dodge at the first cold breeze.

My sister and I have been busy moving stuff out of my mother's condo.  It's crunch time with just 11 days to go.  I see some late nights in my future.

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