Tuesday, September 13, 2016

On to the next wall and window

The new windows are installed in the kitchen.  The cedar shingles are also installed and painted except for the very corner.  That space is too small for my taller ladder to fit next to the two 'as yet to be installed' windows and the wall.  
I still have a little bit of fussy painting to do with my flat artist brush.  That should only take an hour or so.  It is so much easier to paint the edge of the window trim grey using the flat artist brush.  The brush gives a nice crisp edge.  I will try and take photos when I finish with the fussy painting.
We removed the next window.  It is located in the future game room and current workshop/disaster area.  This window had extensive rot.  I do not know why a window from the 1960-1970 era would completely rot but yet the original windows elsewhere in the house are just fine.
The time it takes to remove a window is getting less and less.  The first window took us two days.  The second window took us a day and this one took two hours.

I forgot to take a photo of the big gaping hole in the wall where the window was located.  We sold my mother's condo and I needed to get over there to pack up some stuff.

Tomorrow we hope to have the new window installed.  Then next on the to do list is to rewire for a light on each side of the patio door instead of the current set up of one light over the top of the door.  I purchased the new lights at the same time that I bought the light for the front door which was many moons ago.

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