Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A lot of little projects

What happened?  I thought cooler temps were on the way. Somebody didn't get the memo because 'oh my gosh' it was hot today.  I had to wait until the exterior kitchen wall was in the shade before I could paint again.

When it is this hot, I look for small chores that are in the shade.  One of those was to cut up the windows frames of the casement windows that were removed.  They just needed to be cut in half so I could put them in a trash can and take them to the curb.

We then re installed the post under the deck that we removed so we could pour a new footing and piling.  We used an additional bottle jack and was able to lift the corner of the house (very early addition) about 1 additional inch.  The post looks great (forgot to photograph). It is straight now and not in peril of slipping off of the piling like it was before we started.

While we were under the deck we decided that we needed to add more deck joists.  We took some quick measurements and made a lumber list. The span between joists are more than 16 inches because they used 2X10's.  I have found that it is always best to over build a deck.  We did not build this deck.  Instead we have added missing elements such as joist hangers and rebuilt the steps and railing as both were ugly and not to code.  The deck is huge and elevated 6 feet off the ground.  By adding the extra joists, the vibration from walking should be lessen or go away.

Two days ago I mowed and then raked up the cuttings in the areas where the lawn was extra long.  We picked up the cuttings today and noticed that the lawn needed cutting again.  I will never finish my painting if I have to mow every three days.
Finally around 5PM I was able to paint again.  I painted with just grey today.  I cannot get a ladder into the corner to finish painting until we install the two window units that are leaning up against the house.
Tomorrow is suppose to be hot but cloudy so I am hoping that I can paint the white trim.  We have three days of rain coming so I need to get as much done as I can by mid afternoon.

R pulled off more old shingles today in preparation to install the next window.  I told R that you know your shingles are bad when tar paper looks better than the shingles.  I'm really getting antsy to show you the before photos.  If you thought the before photos of the garden shed were tear down worthy wait until you see the mess we started with on this side of the house.
I was asked to pass along this casting call for a new DIY show.  It doesn't apply to us but maybe you are moving into your childhood home and are getting ready to make it your own.  Well then this is a perfect chance to share that experience with the rest of us.  I'm nosy....I mean.....I'm interested in seeing how you pull that off.