Sunday, September 4, 2016

Home Inspectors, Priming, Cove Moulding

Today was a perfect day to work outside.  It was sunny but with just a slight breeze.  You can feel that fall is just around the corner.  On one hand I love fall but then on the other hand it is just the prelude to winter which I don't care for at all.

I primed shingles today while R finished installing the last of the shingles at the very top.  We then cut the small cove moulding for under the windows.  This is an original detail that was found on some of the windows.  We decided to use the cove moulding under the windows that do not have window boxes.
The ends are cut at a 45 degree angle than the very tip is cut off on a 90 degree angle.  This give the end the appearance of a return cut.
The reason for the trim is too hide the nail heads on the top row of shingles

Tomorrow is a caulk and trim painting day.  I have just a little more priming to do but I will need to haul out a taller ladder to finish up.  It will probably take me longer to get out the ladder than to prime the remaining shingles.
My entire Thursday was spent dealing with the inspection on my mother's condo.  The inspector was very rough on the windows.  He knocked down one curtain rod in the sitting room and left another curtain all out of whack.  It was one of those inspections where he couldn't find anything wrong so he either made up stuff or in the case of two faucets....he made them leak.  

Single lever faucets should never be forced or pushed/pulled violently.  This inspector manhandled the lever like he was shifting a race car. He also held it forward until it leaked,

I've never had good luck with inspectors.  I find they want to nitpick little stuff which just falls under basic maintenance and overlook large flaws.  This inspector said my mother's top of the line Andersen windows were marginal because they were over 10 years old by 1 year.  Basically the inspector was saying that a house over 10 years old was marginal and it contents were marginal.  Just what this world needs is landfills full of 10 year old windows or worse yet....filled with houses.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle