Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snow plowing, Shingles, and Vehicle Floor Mats

We are currently in the middle of our first significant snowfall.  Yesterday we received about two inches which is really nothing but since it was the first snowfall the payment was without any salt residue.  That two inches was pounded into the pavement by vehicles and turned it to ice.
There were multi vehicle accidents all over town and large multi vehicle accidents on the expressway.  They expect the snow to end tonight so they are waiting to salt and plow until the early morning.  

Yesterday we were still dealing with winterizing the yard.  So much to put away.  Hoses, bird baths emptied, leaves removed, perennials cut back, and out door spigots shut off and drained. The shingle install is at a stand still until we have thaw or a very sunny day with no wind. 
The cats wanted out today. But two minutes later they were at the door saying "let me in".  Then they saw us doing something outside and wanted out again.  The girls were satisfied to sit in front of the door and watch but the boys were afraid of missing out on a treat or seeing a bird land on the feeder.
Today I stayed inside while R plowed the driveway.  There is always laundry to do.  My laundry basket is never empty.

I recently ordered Weather Tek floor mats and a cargo liner for my GMC Terrain and I love them.  They are a perfect fit and I can see how they will contain a lot of melted snow.  In the past I have always had floor mats that were rubber backed but had carpet on the top.  By the end of the winter the mats would smell horrible and the light color mats were easily stained.

The mats are kind of pricey but if you live in a area that gets a lot of snow or tends to have muddy seasons, then you should really consider these mats and cargo liners to protect your vehicle's carpet.  I was going to forego the cargo liner but then I thought back to all the trips I make to the nursery for flowers, veggie plants, and bags of potting soil and realized my cargo area could stay a lot cleaner if I could just slide out the cargo liner, spray it with a hose, and put it back in place.

You order the mats and liners according to the model year, brand, and model of the your vehicle.  You can chose a color to either match your carpet (I did this) or contrast.
I also purchased a vintage cook book.  It was published by the Detroit Times in 1936.  
This book was well loved and is filled with additional pieces of papers with favorite recipes like 'mother's devil food cake' and notations on whether a a recipe was good or not.
I'm looking forward to trying a few of these recipes and will let you know if they are a success or not.

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