Thursday, December 15, 2016 sucks

....and it's just getting started.

We had some unexpected snow squalls come through and dump about 4 or 5 inches in two hours.  Unfortunately for me, it was the same two hours that I was out on the road.
 I really wanted a ice capp from Tim Horton's but it required two left hand turns and the traffic was bumper to bumper, so that wasn't going to happen.  So second best was to stop at Panera and use the drive thru to get a iced green tea.
I sure hope that this isn't an indicator of the type of winter we are going to have this year.  I don't mind snow as long as it snows and then stops for a week or so and then snows again.  This snowing every day or every other day is tiresome.

FYI for those wondering about my average fuel economy.  It's lower than I like but this vehicle is a AWD (all wheel drive) so I have power going to 4 wheels indeed of 2. This is a 4 cylinder engine so being a mid size SUV (heavier) it is really having to work.  Highway gets me 29 or 30 if I use a light touch on the accelerator and coast instead of breaking. It works great in the snow and I was able to stop and start without any problems.

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