Thursday, December 1, 2016

We are trying our best....

...but it keeps on raining.

Here is where we are at right now with the lights and shingles before it started raining at 2PM.
 Elvis heading for the door because it started raining again.
We cut the shingle to match the shape of the light fixture.  Some people install blocks of wood, attach the fixture to the wood, and shingle around the block but we have decided that we like the looks of this better on our house.  Neither way is wrong, it is just a preference.

That patio door cannot be replaced fast enough.  It is by far the ugliest patio door on the planet.  I half expect it to just fall out of the opening one day.

A good solid day of shingling and we could finish this up for the winter.  But we just can't get an entire day of work.  Earlier this week R took in both our zero steer and our regular lawn tractor for repair.  The zero steer needed new blades, carb adjustment (difficult to start when cold), oil change, etc.  The lawn tractor had a blown head gasket and needed new blades and fluids.  They both do not fit on the utility trailer at the same time so R took one in and two days later took the other one in and brought the first one home.  By the time he loads them and drives to the tractor shop, unloads, reloads, and drives home it is a three hour deal.  Tractor shop opens at 10am so he doesn't get back until 1pm and the sun sets at 430pm.  

So I have been consoling myself with late night binge watching of Poldark and Outlander on  Seriously I do not know which show I like better but both are filled with fabulous location scenary and historically correct sets and costumes.  Cause you know I am only watching them for the scenary....LOL 

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