Monday, December 5, 2016

We got this far and then... started to snow.
In the next two or three days we should be able to finish putting up shingles on the south exterior wall of the game room. 
 Next on the agenda is to hire a professional to get rid of the flat roof.  I have a few ideas but I would like to hear what a professional would suggest.  

We still have a few items to put away for the winter like the umbrella in the photo above.  I emptied 3 concrete bird baths today and turned them over so the bowl cannot fill with rain water and then freeze.  There is one more that is very large and holds a lot of water.  We empty the bowl by blowing out the water with a leaf blower and then we cover the top with a tarp and fasten down with bungee cords.

Tomorrow we have an early appointment that we both must go to. Then I have other errands to run by myself.  R needs to store away the two mowers that just came back from the repair shop.  Then he has to ready the two snow blowers and fix a tire on the snow plow.  The weather forecast is to have light snow until January and then it will snow as normal.  What's normal?  Who knows.  I know one thing and that is that my snow loving days are far behind me.

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