Friday, April 13, 2018

Tree Trimming with Precision Tree and Shrub

The trees here at Gear Acres were in very bad horrible condition when we purchased this house in 2004.  There were dead trees and trees with broken branches and branches that hung over the roof and a big dead tree with branches laying on the power line that lead to the house.

Over the years, R and I have had to cut down far too many dead ash trees due to the emerald ash borer.  It is sad that sometime in the future, the ash tree will no longer exist.  How will they make baseball bats?  Aluminum?  I hope not.  I much prefer the crack of wood bat.  

We have gotten to the point where we needed to call in professionals because the limbs were too high or too big for us to deal with safely.  So we called Precision Tree and Shrub.  They cut down several trees for us about 8 years ago and we were very happy with the results, so we called them back.

They arrived shortly after 8AM.  The weather was brutality cold with wind and driving sleet/snow.  The temp was 36 degrees but it felt like 20 degrees.  By noon it was 40 degrees and by the time they left it was 53 degrees and sunny.  BTW we are currently under a severe winter storm warning and are bracing ourselves for 2 days of freezing rain.   Go figure.  We hire a company to cut out the storm damage from 4 years ago and we get a winter storm warning, two days later, in the middle of April.  Only in Michigan.

Precision Tree and Shrub offers an 8 hour deal where you get 3 guys, a wood chipper, and a bucket truck for $2150.  We had a full day of work and had we priced out each tree we would have paid more.  In the end we had exactly 8 hours of work for them to complete.

One of the reason we liked this company and called them back was because they do not use spurs to climb the tree.  Climbing spurs can cause damage to the cambium layer and create holes in the bark that can lead to rot.  The cambium layer is the layer with actively dividing cells.  If you want your tree to grow, then you need a healthy cambium layer.  All the botany classes in college finally paid off...LOL.  

Besides removing the ice storm damage, they also removed two black walnut limbs that were directly over the sun room and hung over the chimney.  They also removed the downward growing limbs on another black walnut and raised the canopy of that tree to match the one next to it.  The black walnut tree by the garden shed also needed downward growing branches removed.  The large silver maple next to the deck needed the storm damage removed and the branches growing toward the house removed so that we can put a peak on the flat roof area.
Before photo of the large silver maple tree by the driveway.
The rotted limbs that were removed.

But the biggest job was the large silver maple next to the driveway.  This tree gives us our afternoon shade and it needed the most help.  There were large rotted limbs and lots of broken and dead smaller limbs.  They were all removed and it is now safe to park a vehicle underneath it.

After photo....much better.

 Morrie, Sasha, and Patches checking out the dead tree limbs.
 Morrie was so happy.  So many new things to smell.

 We had the guys leave us the big stuff and they chipped the rest. The logs that we do not need will be given away for bonfire wood.

If you live in Genesee, Livingston, or Oakland county and need help with your trees and shrubs give the guys at Precision Tree and Shrub a call.

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