Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tip toeing through the tulips....

Nothing much has been done at The "Gear" this week. I am working 12 hrs 7 days this week. That hardly gives me time to smell my flowers. That's right, I didn't smell them but I did take photos of them.

So without further ado....The Tulips at Gear Acres.........ignore the dandelions!!!!
These are a lovely mix of tulips...pretty...but they were suppose to be dark maroon and cream.

These are so cute....I wish I had bought more....I think they were in the clearance bin at Kmart. Martha Stewart tulips, I do believe....."that's a good thing." Don't look directly at the dandelion..."That's a bad thing."

These look exactly like the photo. I'm buying more of these. They were from Home Depot. Which means I can say "Go Smoke". That was a gratuitous Tony Stewart plug. I don't think Tony likes tulips or Nascar at the moment!!! Damn caution flags!! Those of you who are not race fans........didn't understand any of that.
Just like the photos. White ones were purchased off eBay. The purple ones are more from Home Depot.

These are from Frost Gardens. The photo just doesn't do them justice. BUT...sorry they just don't match. I'm going to have to relocate these. That big rock behind them is a piece of petrified rock from the Great Lakes area. Very interesting rock.

Here is my all time favorite tulip, Queen of Night. Black tulips do not exist, so this is the closest thing to it. Black tulips have been the subject of poets and authors.
Between the dark and the daylight,
When the night is beginning to flower
Comes a pause in the days occupation
That is known as the Black Tulip hour
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I just recently purchased the book The Black Tulip or as it was originally titled Tulipe Noir by Alexandre Dumas. You remember him.....The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monti Cristo, and The Man in the Iron Mask. The Black Tulip is a romantic tale centered around a fictional black tulip. It is a love story laced with murder, torture, greed, dastardly intrigue, and sudden surprises.....or so they say. I'll let you know after I read it. If you're a race probably didn't understand any of that.

Tiptoe to the window, by the window that is where I'll be, Come tiptoe through the tulips with me!Tiptoe from your pillow, to the shadow of a willow tree, And tiptoe through the tulips with me! Knee deep in flowers will stray, we'll keep the showers away. And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight, will you pardon me? Come tiptoe through the tulips with me!
Recorded by Tiny Tim
Lyrics by Al Dubin and Joe Burke

So Thank you for Tip Toeing Thru' the Tulips with Me...........geeeeees Louise!!!!! I just couldn't help's late...I'm tired.