Monday, May 7, 2007

Fruit trees and excuses

On Sunday, our intention was to plant our newest fruit trees. Last fall I ordered 2 nectarine trees and a Asian pear tree called 20th Century. Both of us worked Sunday (me 4pm to 4am and Roger worked the night before from 10:30pm to 7am) so I needed to leave early for my hour drive and he needed to get to bed. So unfortunately only the Asian pear was planted. The plan is to plant the other two tomorrow because there is a chance of rain and that would work out perfect.

The fruit tree total is now 17 . We have 4 varieties of apples, 2 peach, 2 apricot, 3 plum, 4 pear, and 2 nectarine trees. This spring I would like to also get a peach tree with white flesh. In the fall we will plant 6 cherry trees. Roger like sweet cherries and I would prefer tart cherries for pies and a Rainier cherry tree.
Our son Gavin and his significant other, the lovely Barbara Jean, came over early Sunday and dug up some of the bazillion day lilies in the side yard. Barbara received some great news this week..........she passed the bar exam!!!!!! Yea!!!!! She can now make a wicked Martini....oh wait wrong bar. She is now a card carrying lawyer. I just had to work that into my post...sorry....but we are very proud of both Barbara and Gavin.

Well back to the house.........where was I???? Oh OK I remember....another reason we didn't get the fruit trees planted was that I started digging around in the area where the fountain will go. It appears that there was a patio behind the raised area. We have to decide whether we want to remove that or repair it. I would prefer to repair since I have an abundance of wrought iron furniture. That's a whole post in itself. I'll have to wait until the leaves come out on the trees and see just how shady that area will be before we make a decision. Plus I'll need to do a little more excavating to see how large the patio used to be. Below is a photo of the fountain area.

The patio area is behind the raised area and to the right of the day lilies. Before excavation it was covered in a huge mound of dirt. I would really like to know what it looked like originally. Maybe we will get lucky and someone who knows about the home will walk up our driveway and fill us in. So far our all our information has come from Gary our neighbor and that only goes back about 16 years or so.

In the meantime I would just like to level the dirt and plant some grass seed. Our neighbors would probably like that as well. That would improve their view immensely.

But no leveling tomorrow. Tomorrow is fruit tree planting and climbing rose bush trimming day. Then off to work. So much to do and so little time.