Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm on the edge...of the driveway

When we first purchased the house we couldn't understand why anyone would make a driveway so narrow. Well they didn't. It was just overgrown on the edges. In addition to that, it was covered in leaves, pine needles, and dirt. I think over the last couple of years I have reclaimed approximately 2 feet on each side. It's a lot easier to edge with the shovel after it has rained. And that is what I did today instead of stripping.

Since this is the month of May and any good race fan knows what that means, I'll fill you in on our driveway plans.

"What do you mean, it's the month of May and what does that have to do with being a race fan and your driveway??"

All during the month of May race teams prepare the the Indy 500. They practice, they have Carb Day (short for carburetor, which they don't have anymore), they Qualify, and they have Bump Day (last day of qualifying and you hope you did well enough not to be on the bubble).

Being gear heads and race fans we can't have just a regular driveway....can we???? Noooooooooooooo we can't. Just like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Gear Acres will have a Yard of Bricks just inside the gates. Yard of bricks????? Originally the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was paved entirely in bricks, hence it's nickname the "Brickyard". The only bricks left intact is a 36 inch wide strip of bricks across the width of the track at the start/finish line, hence a "yard of bricks". You've probably seen photos of the winner of the Brickyard 400 kissing the bricks after winning the race.

We will probably use concrete pavers for our "yard of bricks". I think I'll try and purchase just one REAL brick from the speedway. Now just how cool will that be????