Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Window Stripping

I finished the initial stripping of the front bank of windows in the living room. Of course it needs touch up work and sanding but the majority of the paint is gone.Some of the paint flaked off the muntin bars but I still need to tackle that. I'm mulling the idea of using Peel Away.

See those two areas of white paint at the very top of the window trim? One spot on the left and one spot on the right. That is an area where for some reason they cut out the trim. I'm assuming it was for curtain or drapery hardware.

Today R used a rubber coated dead blow hammer on the two saggy upper sashes. He was able to get both windows to move a little but he said there was still paint that needed to be removed before the sash will go back up where it belongs. So if it doesn't rain tomorrow it looks like I will drag out the extension cord and heat gun to see if I can remove the paint that is in the way. Hopefully my saggy sash problem will be cured tomorrow.

I have removed the paint from the sash locks (except for one window) and the paint from the sash lifts. I'll reinstall them tomorrow so they don't get lost.

We might get a frost tonight and if we do it will be curtains for the remaining tomatoes. But to tell you the truth...I'm kind of burnt out on tomatoes. R and I have been eating them with nearly everything since the first one ripened in July.