Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Risers, Roses, & Rain

Today was a day of R's.

Here is R installing B & G's risers. Notice how we used those same cap plugs to hide the screw heads. G says it's overkill......I say it's a nice detail.Hey...R has on long pants!!!! It must be fall.

Three risers installed before the rain started.After the rain stopped and back at 'The Gear' we removed the little strip of grass in front of the house. In it's place we will plant Pink Supreme Carpet roses. I'll plant the roses tomorrow and then over the next several weeks install rocks around the roses to finish off the bed. Hopefully this will make it a little area easier to maintain plus it will add a shot of hot pink to the front of the house.
Tomorrow we will install more risers, plant roses, and hope it doesn't rain.