Sunday, September 6, 2009

B & G Deck Update

Progress has been slow and steady on B & G's deck. I was going through older photos and noticed that the date on the photo of R installing the first board was August 4th. So despite the heat and mosquitoes I think we are making pretty good progress.

B & G stained the deck boards last week and it looks great. Several days ago we installed the wider rim joist to hide the original narrow rim joist. We countersunk a 1/2" diameter hole a 1/2" deep before installing long deck screws to hold the rim joist in place. After we installed the long deck screws we inserted a 1/2" cap plug into the hole but not before squeezing a little wood glue into the hole. I think this looks more finished than just installing screws and having the screw head exposed.
B pre stained all the wood prior to installation. Today she was washing our dirty finger prints off of the wood in preparation for some touch up work.

The photo below is of R doing his imitation of a clamp by standing on the end of a board while G cuts a new stringer.
Tomorrow we will start fabricating the posts. After much deliberation we all agreed upon a railing height. Not too tall and not too low but just right.

I just noticed that R has on those shorts again!!!