Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday is Freebie/Rebate Day

Today was literally a freebie/rebate bonanza at our house. I not only received coupons for free products but I also received $$$$$$$.Every month I participate in the Rite Aid rebate program. I then use that money to buy H & B items for the next month repeating the cycle. Last month's program had more than the usual number of items that I buy so my rebate check was for $50.98. Not too shabby.

Also from Rite Aid I received a $10.00 gift certificate because I purchased Zyrtec allergy tablets. So now I have $60.98 to spend at Rite Aid. I also have $6.00 coming soon from another rebate.

In addition to the cash I also received coupons for free products. From My Coke Rewards I received 8 coupons for a free 12 pack of any Coke product and because any drink needs a nosh to go along with it, I received from M & M a coupon for a free Mars brand product. Just what I need...a candy bar to go with my Diet Coke.

This evening my sister and I attended a cooking demonstration hosted by Taste of Home magazine. I plan to try several of the recipes as soon as the weather turns cooler and I have some extra time. When I do, I will post them on my cooking blog.If you have the chance to catch one of their shows/demonstrations please sign up. The tickets were 10 bucks and you received a goody bag filled with magazines, recipes, coupons, and trinkets. They also gave away at least 35 additional prizes from a coffee maker, slow cooker, cook books, food, floral arrangements, and saute pans. Did we win anything? Pfft.....of course not.I did though run into a former co worker that I had not seen in 10 years. We still exchange Christmas cards but that has been our only contact. It was nice seeing her again. I rarely run into anyone since I rarely venture to my old hometown or anywhere where former co workers live. As I told my sister tonight I am sure most people think I just fell off the radar. Unless you hang out in the lumber section at Home Depot, frequent garden shops and nurseries, stroll through antique or consignment shops looking for unique bric-a-brac, or roam the racing/car forums....I doubt you will run into me.