Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Woodard Patio Furniture

I purchased another Woodard patio table on eBay last week. The table was in St. Clair Shores Michigan which is roughly a one hour drive almost entirely on expressways. I told R, "it will be a quick hour there and hour back." Then the two hour tour turned into a four hour nightmare. The only thing missing were the Captain and Gilligan.

The table and 4 chairs were a great buy. This table has a white milk glass top which should look nice once the wrought iron is painted satin black. It is the same pattern I have in a large sofa, coffee table table, end table, 2 cushion arm chairs, a three piece sofa that will also configure into a love seat and armless chair, 2 round tables with 4 chairs each, and also a matching lamp. The only piece I really need now is the chaise lounge.Our little trip started out just fine. I programmed the GPS and we were on our way. No problems turn left, turn right, etc etc until we came to a stop sign. We stopped, GPS prompted us to continue straight the only problem was the boulevard that was directly ahead. We turned right and when we had the chance crossed over to the other side of the boulevard. The GPS was totally lost. I directed R as best as I could from the mental picture I had of the Google map in my head. Eventually the GPS located us and started giving directions again. The GPS then deposited us at the wrong address but still close enough. Phew made it. Return trip should be a breeze. Joke was on us.

We loaded the truck and away we went. Hey look US 96 no problemo now. This is when I started hearing the robot in Lost in Space say "Danger, danger, R and J...Danger!" The entrance ramp was closed but there were detour signs. So we followed the detour signs and more detour signs and more detour signs....oh look the police have the road blocked off. Now what? We drove north and then noticed on the GPS yellow highway lines dead ahead. US 696 never looked so good.

We drove until Sashabaw Road that's the exit for the DTE Music Theater (formerly Pine Knob). I was famished and R needed to make a pit stop. We ate at Culver's because they have frozen custard. By the time we got home it was four hours later. I felt sick because I inhaled my food. R had a headache because he said it was stressful driving a dually in heavy traffic especially when I kept saying "TURN LEFT NOW!!"

So the rest of the day was a waste. We unloaded the furniture and both took a nap.