Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time to Move the Work Inside

It's time to move inside now that snow is in the forecast. So today was spent removing needless wires (more phone wire and some disconnected knob and tube) and making a list of the needed materials to fix some shoddy duct work.

They (whoever installed the furnaces) installed new duct work whenever they installed the current two furnaces and much like whoever installed the roof (same time period) they did a shoddy job. Both the living room and the family room have crawl spaces rather than basement. The basement is in the center of the home and does not expand under the wings.

The duct work they installed in the crawl spaces was the flexible plastic duct work wrapped in plastic and insulation rather than 7 inch round sheet metal duct which was used up until they entered into the crawl space. This flexible duct has just deteriorated and fallen apart. We removed all the bad ducting, measured for new, and decided what parts would be needed to get to where we needed to go. Then it was off to Home Depot where they (associates) were absolutely no help. But we finally found what we needed and left.

Tomorrow we will redo the furnace air inlets because they were done with those cheap flexible dryer exhaust tubing, not the sturdy flexible duct and then they nearly clamped it shut when they used a hose clamp to hang it to the floor joist under the kitchen.

If we have time left we will start the installation of the new round sheet metal ducting under the family room. That job should take several days since there is very limited space to work. Plus while he is in the crawl space he might as well cut away as much of the old 'not in use anymore stuff'.