Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Apron Hanger for the Kitchen

My daughter in law, B, bought me a darling and unique apron holder this Christmas. A silver spoon has been hammered flat and then bent to form a hook. How clever.
I temporally placed it on a picture hook so I could take a photo. Isn't it cute? It will look perfect once the kitchen is painted white.

How come the photo is blurry when it comes to the apron hook but yet the cobweb on the plant is perfectly focused and clear?

Are the dust bunny gods messing with me?

I just realized I have complained about blurry photos in my last 4 or 5 posts . It could be time for a new camera.


  1. I love that hook, what a great idea! And thank you for the cobwebs, glad to know I'm not the only one.

    PS. Any idea why I can't follow your blog? I keep getting this message "Internet Explorer does not support feeds with DTDs."

  2. I thought the hook was a great idea.

    You could have a whole series of hooks on a board to hang up coats, hats, and umbrellas. The important part would be to securely fasten the board to the wall.

    Wow..I am the worst person to ask about computer things. But I do know that some people follow my blog.

    What are DTDs???? Do I have a bad case of the DTDs? Or will I recover quickly??? Damn and I just got my flu shot, too.

  3. Was hopin' YOU'd know what DTDs were. Sounds like something you get when you move into the Betty Ford Clinic? May the Flu Shot Force be with you!

    Ohhh, yippee! Figured out how to get around your DTDs! Your flu shot must've been successful!

  4. did she get them on etsy? i'm finding that i really like that site.

    about the camera focus thing...if it were a computer problem, I'd say that the issue is between the keyboard and the seat :D haha!

    Happy New Year BTW.

  5. When it comes to computers, it is always a matter of what's between the seat and the keyboard. That component is extremely outdated and slow and it's losing memory daily.

    I believe she purchased the hook at a craft show.

    I love etsy. I purchased some handmade jewelry on etsy for Christmas. I promised to do a blog post about it after Christmas. I guess I should do that soon. See what I mean about the memory deficiency.

    Happy New Year to you, too. I loved the Christmas card. How clever.


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