Saturday, January 9, 2010

Laser Light Show & Vehicle Maintenance Tip

Last night R and I went back in time. Figuratively not literally. We attended the laser light show at the Longway Planetarium in the cultural center in Flint.The laser light show changes weekly and this week we saw the Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin shows. It was great to hear all the old classic Hendrix tunes such as Voodoo Child, Cross Town Traffic, Purple Haze, Foxey Lady, and Are you Experienced?

A little trivia about Flint and Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees back in the late 60's at Flint's IMA Auditorium. Can you imagine what people who bought tickets to see The Monkees thought? They came to hear I'm a Believer and instead heard Foxey Lady. I just can't imagine who put together that pairing on the same bill.The IMA (Industrial Mutual Association) Auditorium was built in 1929. It was later incorporated into the failed AutoWorld project and eventually tore down. The land is now in use by University of Michigan Flint.The laser light show admission is quite reasonable at $5.00 a show or $8.00 for both shows for an adult. R and I opted for another deal which is an annual pass for 1 adult and 1 guest for 40.00. This pass will allow us to go to every event at the planetarium plus the Sloan Museum, The Buick Gallery and Research Center, and numerous (+250) other museums.

R wants to go to the presentation at the planetarium on Saturday called What Happened to Pluto. Pluto the planet not the Disney dog. It's rated for 5 years old and up so we should be able to understand it if we take a nap first.Vehicle Maintenance Tip....By the time we left the planetarium it was about 5 degrees when we walked to my tracker. I always use my remote key to unlock my vehicle doors. I have noticed lately that I need to get closer and closer to my vehicle so that the doors unlock. Last night the doors would not open. I'm sure you are saying "no big deal.....use the key." I would have but since I only use my remote, my key no longer will go into the door lock because of the salt and dirt that over the last five years have made their way into the lock.

To prevent this from happening to you. Periodically use your key to unlock your door. Better yet, spray your key with a little 3 in 1 oil and then insert the key. I currently cannot get my key to even begin to go into the key hole. If you live in an area where they salt the roads your driver's side door lock will see a lot of salt spray, both from your own tires but also from the vehicles passing you on the opposite side of the road.

You may want to activate your emergency brakes at the this time. This action will keep the cable lubricated and free. Failure to use your emergency brakes will eventually render them inoperative. Kill two birds with one stone. You can even yell "Key! Check! Brakes! Check!" just like at the oil change place. Just remember to release your emergency brake before you take off.

Also periodically change your remote battery. Do not wait until it no longer works. Last month Rite Aid drug store offered a rebate on any type of Duracell battery. I could have paired that with a coupon for maximum savings, but because my remote key was the last thing from my mind, I let that offer pass. Buying a replacement battery for your key remote is always the last thing on my mind until it doesn't work.I think I will run out and grab a battery or two and replace it before I get stranded somewhere. I'll place the extra battery in my wallet if I can find a double battery pack. Cheap insurance against getting stranded alone and in the cold.

My particular remote says to replace battery and reset the remote by pressing unlock and lock for seven seconds while near the car.

FYI....I ultimately got the remote key to unlock the doors but it was a tense couple of minutes.

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