Thursday, January 7, 2010

Silver Spoon Coat Hook Instructions & Ideas

I decided that since some people were interested in the silver spoon coat hook that I would try and find instructions on how to make your own.

Click here for a link with instructions but no photos. The spoon is attached to the board by the handle instead of the bowl. Personally, I like the looks of the handle as the hook but I suppose it is just personal preference and the basic instructions are same.

Not handy or don't have time to make your own hooks.....try etsy. I found these coat hooks on etsy. They have a contemporary style and also use forks. Very clever. You can find more of this sellers items here. I think that last short handled spoon on the board above might be for car keys.

I know I always dig through those baskets of spoons and forks at antique shops but I rarely buy because I have a set of vintage silver ware already. Well, now I can think of a dozen uses for old spoons and forks.

How about you???? Any ideas?

Here's one....hang spoons like you would hanging crystals around a light. Maybe have three tiers each getting smaller like a wedding cake chandelier. Start out with knives on the top row, then forks on the second tier, and finish up with spoons on the bottom. Make the frame out of scrap metal and allow to rust. Instead of a light bulb, hang a old Mason jar in the center by making a wire bail handle out of heavy wire. Place a candle in the jar and hang outside from a tree limb over a table for night time dining. Or maybe hang from the ceiling of a covered porch.

Oh my gosh......idea overload.....danger Will Robinson!!!!

Added at could make the 3 hoops out the the metal band they sell to support round heat ducts. We bought a roll of it at Home Depot. Plus as a bonus it already has holes punched into the banding. If the metal is a little rustic for your taste and you want to hang it in a protective area spray paint it matte black and then let the silver plate on the utensils tarnish.


  1. I really like the chandelier idea! Every so often at auction a big box of old silverware comes up. That'd be a great use for it. Very clever!


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