Saturday, January 30, 2010

We're Going Back Under the House

I guess I shouldn't say 'we' because I'm not the one going under the house but I'll be there encouraging him on and handing him supplies. I thought R had had enough of being underground, but I guess not. Today he said, "Let's look under the other side of the house and see what's up under there."

My guess is he would rather work on heat ducts than cut up wood outside in the 15 degree weather. Even the lure of using his new chainsaw is diminished when he realized that would mean enduring 15 degree weather with a wind chill of about 5 degrees. Next week it is suppose to warm back up and he will be able to cut all the wood he wants. Nothing like the smell of a two stroke engine on a cold smells of......oil and gas.....what did you think I was going to say? Victory? Robert Duvall was great in Apocalypse Now and loved him in Days of Thunder, cheesy movie but the character he was portraying was classic.

The house has a basement under the center portion of the house. The wings of the house, on the other hand, just have crawl spaces. The area we opened up today is under the living room and it has a much deeper crawl space. R could sit up easily everywhere and in some spots he could actually partially stand up.

We suspected that we had a disconnected run and possibly some rips in other runs because of the weak flow of heated air coming out of several registers. Sure enough, one run is completely gone and a second is badly damaged. Both of those will immediately be replaced with sheet metal round ducts like what we used under the family room/library. The rips will be repaired on the flexible ducts and this summer we will replace those runs with sheet metal ducts.

There is also trash that someone either left behind or thought "what the heck" and threw it in the crawl space. That 'stuff' will need to be thrown away, also. 'Stuff' like these tennis shoes, carpet, and Santa Claus decorations that R tossed out today. Unfortunately, there is plenty more under there.Tonight we made the first Home Depot trip to pick up supplies. I estimate three trips will be required to finish this project.

So it looks like I have to listen to sports radio for another day or two.