Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vehicle Remote Battery Update & Glidden Paint Rebate

I had a small list of errands that I needed to run today so I nabbed a replacement battery for my vehicle remote.

I couldn't find a Duracell battery coupon to save my soul. Usually they are everywhere. My coupon stash was filled to the gill with Energizer coupons but not one single solitary Duracell coupon.A double pack (2) was priced at $3.99 and a single battery pack was $3.29. So it was a no brainer as to which pack to buy. I swapped out the battery in my remote with a new battery and placed the extra battery in my wallet.

The remote works great. It now locks and unlocks at a further distance. Plus it seems to work the first time you press the button, unlike before battery swap, when I would need to press several times before activation.

The almost dead battery went into my dead battery pile. Make sure you recycle your batteries. I am always surprised by the number of batteries we use in our gadgets. I wish more items came with built in solar panels. If my calculator can get by with a little solar collector why can't remotes, cell phones, and cameras have them?FYI.....if you are in need of windshield wash fluid now is the time to buy a couple of bottles. Walgreens is currently running a sale on their Peak Windshield Wash and Deicer. First clip the coupon for the wash out of the weekly ad. By using this coupon you can purchase 2 bottles for $1.29 each. I recently saw a local gas station selling a generic brand for $2.99.

Upcoming paint deal at Home Depot.......Stop by Home Depot between January 14th and January 18th and save $5 off a one-gallon can or $20 off a five-gallon pail of any color of Glidden™ paint with a mail-in rebate.


  1. So odd that I should come across this today. This weekend I was cleaning out an old tote bag and I found two of those batteries at the bottom of the bag. I'd never seen them before. I asked my husband what they went to. He speculated it had fallen out of my key remote (at that time I'd only discovered one.) Of course it didn't fall out. I would have noticed it. And how would it "fall" out? Anyway, I leapt to the next most obvious conclusion, that they were tracking devices and that the Stasi is alive and well in Amerika.

  2. Big Brother was in your tote bag???

    Hmmmm....I wonder what they came out of?? They are considered medical batteries, but I know they are too big for hearing aids. Has your pace maker stopped..LOL?

    And it took two batteries. Every time I have come across two of these types of batteries in one application they were always stacked on top of each other and dropped into a recessed round area.

    Oh wait, I remember I had a voltage tester that used two of these types of batteries. Does that help? Do you think Big Brother was testing YOUR voltage?

    You've peaked my interest....let me know if you find out where they came from.

    Maybe small flashlight?


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