Friday, March 26, 2010

Glass Beads

We received the vintage hinges we needed for the two French doors we are installing. Installation is on the back burner until it either rains or we finish raking up all the leaves that cover the flower beds.

Today I started raking the bed that has lavender and Knock Out roses. For some reason the leaves really pile up in that bed and trying to rake out the leaves is very difficult.

Also the hydrangeas and the roses both needed trimming. I was wearing gloves to keep from getting poked but the gloves kept getting caught on the thorns. So needless to say the going was slow plus it was cold outside. It looked far warmer than the 40 degrees it reached today.

This past Monday R learned how to make glass beads. He was so proud of his little plastic bag of glass beads. I hope to make them into a necklace or bracelet. I'm amazed he doesn't burn his hand while making them because I have two burn marks just from using a heat gun.

The photo of the beads don't do them justice.
These two are really cool with the feathering.
The two yellow beads have little dots all over them. I think he rolled the hot glass bead in ground up glass dust.
He only made one bead (right bottom of photo) with little bumps.
R said he is going to make more beads. He was just getting the hang of it when the class ended.

FYI....I had a reader ask about the wood cold air return that we installed. I forgot to mention where I bought it. I purchased it off of eBay. There is a seller on eBay who customs makes these in various sizes and woods.