Thursday, March 4, 2010

Monte, I'll take door number.........

Monte, I'll take door number 2, wait 1, no three.

We've been busy working on doors.......closet door......French door......and basement door. The doors themselves were stripped to the bare wood several years ago and just recently the wood trim around the doors were stripped of their paint. But they still were a long way from being paint ready.

The two doors below are a closet door (closest) and the door (farthest) to the basement and back yard.
The interior jambs needed stripping which we did with a heat gun. The paint was hard to remove from the wood door stop so we removed the door stops on 3 doors and stripped them before we re installed them.

I used a chisel to get between the stop and the jamb. I then used my tiny Wonder bar to pry the door stop away from the jamb.
I then had to remove all the nails.My tool of choice for nail removal is end nippers. The jaws are curved so I can grab the nail and then........while holding on to the nail, I rock the nippers to one side which pulls the nail out using leverage and very little effort. I always pull the nail through the wood and out the back side. This leaves just a small hole on the face to fill. If you pull the nail out through the front of the board you will get little splinters of wood around the nail hole.Notice all that caulk along the sides of the door stop? The reason for the need to caulk a large gap is this bent over nail that did not allow the door stop to lay flush against the jamb.While the door stops were removed we sanded the jamb to remove the little bumps of paint that left an outline of the door stop. We used a pneumatic orbital sander to sand the jambs. Here is a photo after sanding..... ....and after the door stop was re installed. We also oiled the locks, hinge pins, and generally made the doors all open and shut easily.

This is the next door on our to do list. It is a walk in broom closet in the foyer. Someone at sometime painted the floor in the closet. Don't ask me why? but they did and now I have to remove the paint. I haven't decided yet how I am going to go about it. We also reinstalled the French door. The installation took a day longer than expected because we had to make two small pieces of trim to hold in the last piece of glass. I'll explain how we made that trim piece tomorrow because right now my pillow is calling my name. Good night.