Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coal Chute Door Primed & Red Sink

The coal chute door is looking good. It has two coats of gray primer and is ready for the final coat of satin black.

I think we should wait until after the shingles are painted gray before we paint the coal chute door black. If we paint it black right now we will most certainly end up with gray paint drips on it.

Here is the before we did anything to the coal chute door photo.
Here is the coal chute door after raising the concrete and after sanding but before spray painting gray primer.
Finally, the coal chute door after it was painted with gray primer.
We have been using this great weather to rake up leaves. Love the trees....hate the raking.

If anyone is in need of a red cast iron Kohler kitchen sink....I have one cheap!!! $25.00

The dust and dirt is free. The entire sink and attached drain board is 43 inches wide. The red is a bright tomato red and the sink is chip free. The date stamped on the back is 11-79. FYI this sink is very heavy.