Saturday, March 13, 2010

That Blows!

Today was one of those days where not a thing was accomplished. I attribute this to be the results of too much fresh air yesterday and secondly the fact that R was embracing his artistic side today.

The last two days were spent outside picking up logs, branches, and the winter's cast offs like these..........every spring I pick up bottles that are flung out car windows onto my lawn. These are true economic indicators as this is the first year that I have picked up a beer bottle and a light beer at that!!!! Normally I pick up 2 or 3 Absolute vodka bottles....alas times are tough for everyone.

After the bottle pick up, we started the task of picking up the remains from the tree trimming fiasco. Here is a photo of load number one.........load number two.....
.....load number three.....
.....load number 4....
....and then when we ran out of logs.....we made more!!!
We now have the two large trunks cut up. Half of them made it to the wood pile before we ran out of steam on day two. There are 6 remaining pieces that need to make their way to the wood pile. R counted the rings and this ash tree was 75 years old when it was killed by emerald ash borers.

Today is cold and windy and after two days of warm kind of blows. Speaking of blows.....R attended a glass blowing class. Years ago he attended a class where they made icicles out of glass. He also made a little male dachshund dog that.....well how can I say this politely...was very well endowed. R said he was having difficulty with the little details.

The class today was a glass blowing class. He made 5 glass ball ornaments of various sizes, colors, and roundness. I think he did a fine job for his first attempt at blowing glass. Next fall he might take a more extensive glass blowing class at the art institute. At the end of this month he is going to attend a lamp work glass bead making class.The hollow glass tube in the photo below is what you start with when blowing an ornament. You add little pieces of ground glass inside and on the outside to get the desired color and texture. The glass tube in the photo is the remnant of a glass bulb that had a blow out. I guess R huffed and puffed and blew his glass bulb to smithereens.
I placed the two tall poplar doors on craigslist and have already received 4 inquiries. Tomorrow I have someone coming to look at them. They are a very good deal for anyone needing 2 poplar 15 lite French doors that measure 30 X 84. One door is still wrapped in plastic. Keep your fingers crossed that someone buys them tomorrow so that they are out of the way. The correct size door will be here in two weeks.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another rainy day so we will spent it stripping, sanding, and hopefully selling doors.