Monday, February 21, 2011

The 3 C's are now the 5 C's

I spent Sunday with my sister and niece, doing what we call the 3 C's.....crepes, cupcakes, and coffee.

We started the day with crepes. I had my favorite Monte Cristo crepe.
Then it was on to cupcakes and coffee. After we grabbed our drinks we hit the road for Pinconning. My sister suggested that we go to a place called Northwood's. She was driving and I was riding, so off to Pinconning we went. Moose trap?

This place had everything from a pink butterfly net.Frying pans...anyone?Carhardt or Dickies?
How about some Koegels Viennas? Only the world's best hot dog. How about some cheese? Because when you think Pinconning...think cheese!Of course you need some of this....And don't forget a jar or two of this....No frogs were harmed in the making of this jam. FROG stands for figs, raspberries, oranges, and ginger.

After we left Northwood's, we headed to the Cheesehouse for curds and cheese.
Then we hit the road for home.
It was slow going with many accidents along the way. But we made it home safe and sound. Full of crepes, cupcakes, coffee, curds, and candy!!!