Sunday, February 13, 2011

T&G Repairs In the Kitchen

I am so glad the snow is starting to melt. The breeze actually felt balmy today and not stinging cold. Maybe old Punxsutawney Phil was correct and we will have an early spring.

We took the day off from sanding and scrapping. Instead, we started fixing the wall where we removed the partial non loading bearing wall in the kitchen. This area needs to be covered in tongue and groove paneling like the rest of the kitchen.

First we shimmed out the wall so the new T&G paneling will line up with the old. The old T&G is sitting on top of old plaster so we needed to shim the area where the partition wall was located. But first we insulated that area with pieces of rigid foam insulation.

We recycled some old T&G that we removed from the small ceiling area by the ovens. We cut the pieces to the correct size and test fitted them but did not nail them in place.

One of the old pieces of remaining T&G is damaged so R used the oscillating saw to cut out the damaged we. While he cut, I looked for an old piece to use to replace it.

Tomorrow, we will cut the remaining pieces and then nail everything in place permanently. This should take us to the afternoon when we will get ready and head to Detroit to pick up my latest Craigslist find.

My latest find is a steal and will save us hundreds of least $400.00. This will also give us higher quality XXXXX than if we bought new.