Saturday, February 26, 2011


In between digging up the mailbox and propping it up in the snow, we did find time to patch a few holes in the T&G paneling.

In a perfect world, we would have replaced the whole board but the kitchen is not perfect. If we replaced every board that had a bad spot, we would basically re panel the whole kitchen. As Norm Abrams says...."it's an honest patch." We are not trying to fool anyone. We will fill and sand and hopefully it shouldn't stand out like a sore thumb....maybe a sore pinkie but not a thumb.

The first patch was where we removed an unneeded outlet in the wall we partially removed. Here is before the patch.......
.....and after the patch but before filling and sanding.
This is another unneeded outlet that we removed in the same wall. This wall had three sides and each side had an outlet.
This photo is during the process of squaring up the hole and before we inserted the patch. BTW every outlet hole looked like it was cut with a hatchet. A total hack job.
In the case of this patch or should I say patches. We decided that since this particular board had two patches and that they would be in a prominent spot, we bit the bullet so to speak and removed the entire board. Here is a photo after the board was removed.....
....and after a new board was installed. We still need to cut a thin strip to finish off the corner.
We also removed miles of unused wiring, both knob and tube and some second generation wiring. At least we know that the kitchen is free of unneeded old wiring.

Tomorrow we will finish patching the wall we cut off. I am also hoping that we can install the cap that we made. We glued two 1X 10's together to make a 2X10 that will sit on top of the wall. I have some left over small cove molding that I will put underneath the overhang. Should have about 3/4 to 1 inch of overhang. We glued two boards together instead of buying a 2 X 10 for several reasons. First, all the 2 X 10 looked like construction grade. Second of all, we felt the wood would be more stable and less likely to cup and warp if we glued two boards together. We were able to find some nice pine boards that were nearly knot free.

On a side note....R doesn't like to play Driving Miss Daisy. I don't think he realized how much running around I have to do every day. There is absolutely no way we could get by with one vehicle. I haven't decided what type of vehicle I am going to get. I need something I can haul wrought iron furniture with. That way.....when I see a piece I like....I can just buy it and bring it home. Currently, I have to go home and get R and his pick up truck and then go back and get it.
What's so bad about that? Well, I have to listen to him complain all the way there. "Where are you going to put this piece?" "Don't you think you already have enough pieces?" "How much is this piece going to cost?" And my favorite...."Just what we need, another #$%^ing piece of wrought iron furniture." I let him stew a bit and then remind him that we didn't have to drive to Milwaukee to get this piece.