Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scraping and Sanding

This post is specifically for a fellow co worker who has chastised me for being a slacker when it comes to blogging. Yes, Bobo, I'm talking about YOU!!!!! LOL

We really have been working...a lot. In between work, we went to a lecture at the planetarium on how a black hole could kill you. It was kind of like Spike TV "1,000 ways to Die' meets Nova and narrated by Carl Sagan except without the "billions and billions" and Carl Sagan.

I think R enjoyed it. It is much easier to learn without the sword of Damocles hanging over your head in the form of a test. R's been throwing around words like Quantum Theory, event horizon, folding space and time, and GRBs (gamma ray bursts) but I think he has already forgot what they all mean. During the Q & A someone asked about the flux capacitor and everyone laughed. R turned to me and said, "What's so funny?" I said, "think Delorean." He replied with, "Oh, OK I got it now." Always best to explain everything in automobile terms when it comes to R.

At the last Star Trek movie I took him to, he must have asked me ten times, "what's so funny?" How do you explain 40-50 years of Star Trek and all the possible story lines in one sentence? So I just answered, "I'll explain later" and then never did.

The reasons for the lack of posts has been that we are currently engaged in some very very boring work......scrapping and sanding. Previously, this area had a tile back splash. To accommodate the tiles they used some sort of adhesive to adhere thin plywood to the wall and then tiled the plywood. Tiles came off easy, plywood came off easy, adhesive......not so easy. I'm manning the heat gun and trying to scrap off as much as I can. R is sanding with coarse sandpaper to remove the remaining residue. Afterward we will need to re sand with finer paper to blend into the texture of the untouched part of the wood paneling.
I've taken photos but they really don't show much of a difference, which is disheartening because my shoulders are killing me and R's thumb throbs from all the work.I promise more exciting posts in the future. We have exciting things on the horizon like installing bead board on the ceiling and laying granite tile on the counter tops!!! Fun times.

Later tonight I will post about the brick pavers that are being made for us here at 'The Gear'. They are going to look great!!!!