Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gear Acres Is Getting Custom Pavers

Currently somewhere in Indiana, custom pavers are being pressed out and embossed with the words Gear Acres.Wildcat Creek Brick Company in Flora Indiana have pressed out the pavers and they are currently drying before they can be placed into the kiln. Bill Hendrix, the owner of Wildcat Creek Brick Company also has a blog that you can visit or check their Face book page.

Bill tells me that the brick will shrink as it is fired in the kiln but should end up the same size as my other vintage pavers. The photo at the top shows a vintage POSTON paver and our freshly pressed Gear Acres paver.

Below is an early phase Gear Acres brick that Bill pressed out. We later decided that we needed a larger brick that was vintage paver size. Isn't it great that someone is carrying on the tradition of hand pressing and firing bricks and pavers? Once you have seen an old paver up close and seen the amount of detail that they put into these utilitarian items....well, you'll never want a paver from Home Depot, again.

Visit Wildcat Creek Brick Company and tell them Gear Acres sent you.