Thursday, April 14, 2011

R's Curbside Treasure

I know you have been waiting by the computer all day long to see R's curbside treasure. Your wait is over.

I present R's curbside treasure. As Mike Wolfe, from American Pickers, would say, "it's curb fresh!!"I think it's previous life was as a potato and onion bin. Your bag of potatoes would be placed in the top part which has holes for ventilation. The onions are stored in the pull out drawer at the bottom.
We will use this to store bird seed in the top and suet in the little drawer.
It even has the same style of hinge of hinge that is on my exterior shutters and the kitchen cabinets. I think a nice coat of semi gloss white will transform this curbside treasure into a great bird seed storage unit. All that for the cost of a little paint and effort.