Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Blew In...Literally

Holy cow....it's windy. Yesterday was a record setting 80 degrees. Only here in Michigan can it go from snow on Tuesday to sunny and hot on Sunday.

Yesterday was just too nice to stay indoors so like the fools we are...we tried to rake leaves. Despite the constant 30 mph wind, we were able to fill 18 bags or containers with leaves, twigs, and small branches. I sure hope that they pick up yard waste this week.

Today was cooler and in the 50's but still very very windy. I worked indoors stripping baseboard in the dining room. R worked out side removing the snow blade from the lawn tractor and putting the mower deck back on the tractor. I can see that I will need to mow within the next week or so....unless it snows again.

Some of the baseboard in the dining room was loose so I just removed it. That made it easier to remove the paint drips behind the baseboard and made it easier to strip because I didn't have to bend over.A couple of days ago we removed the extra door going to the laundry room (ex butler pantry). This will give us extra wall space in the dining room. We save the door jambs for possible later use elsewhere.

I have also been removing the poorly done plaster patches that were done when they installed the forced air system years ago. I am hoping that this will save us some $$$ when the plaster guy fixes the plaster this spring.

The photo below shows the original paint color which was gold. Then you can see the bottom layer of the plaster patch which seems hard and looks pretty good. Next to that is the dry wall compound that they used as the top coat. It's soft and flaking away. That area is about two foot wide and goes from the floor to the ceiling. This condition is found through out the house where ever they had to cut into the wall to run a heat duct.
Last week R and I stopped by a local garden center and bought this gaudy gazing ball. Seriously, it is much better looking in person. I am hoping that R can weld up something rustic to hold it.