Saturday, October 15, 2011

In between the rain drops...

.....we installed several more posts on the deck.We had two saws and 1 compressor running at the same time. I'm surprised that the electric meter didn't spin off the side of the house. R was using the circular saw, I was using the chop saw, and the compressor was running because we were using a pneumatic disk sander/grinder.

Tomorrow's weather forecast is for cold, windy, but sunny. We'll take it! Anything but rain.

Deck progress is heading toward the barn and the stair cases. The plan is for the stairs and the little deck by the loft door to be left until spring time. We have 6 more posts to install and a bazillion balusters.
Our deck lumber pile is getting smaller and smaller......yea!!!!I will be very happy when the pile is GONE!