Friday, October 21, 2011

Making Progress

The lumber pile is gone. Yippee!We installed two risers and one post today. Doesn't seem like a lot but the treads were slow go on the removal and the risers needed to be cut to fit.
The forecast for tomorrow is sun and 60 degrees!!!! Lets hope it really does warm up because I drained all the garden hoses the other day but they still need to be rolled up. The sun really helps when it comes to rolling up the hoses for the winter.

Plus, I want to gather some of the thousands of black walnuts we have laying around. Last year I purchased 4 ozs of crushed black walnuts for a recipe and I had to pay 6 bucks. I understand the shells are very hard but we have several vises (not bad habits that vices not vises) and it's not like I will be crushing hundreds of black walnuts or will I? I have no idea how many black walnuts it takes to make an ounce. Every time a walnut falls from the tree...R says..."there goes another 10 cents!!!"

Tomorrow night I will be listing vintage hardware and lighting on my Etsy shop (located on the right side of my blog). I will post when they become available. If you are interested in something let me know before you buy and I will adjust the price down by 10%. OR maybe you have something you want to trade. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out.

I do have a thick solid fir entry door taken from a late 20's early 30's Cape Cod style house that I would like to trade or sell. The door is a traditional 6 panel style with 4 small windows at the top. Door is in very good condition and is mortised for a large lock set and cylinder lock. I also have a great solid brass thumb latch entry set (ext and interior) that would look great on this door. I will post a photo of the door tomorrow. I believe the door is 36 inches wide but I will measure tomorrow.